Career Options and Professional Integration of Internationally Trained Physicians in Canada.


Sanjida Newaz, MBBS,  MSc

Canadian Health Policy, October 2020. ISSN 2562-9492


International Medical Graduates (IMGs) face considerable challenges in obtaining license for medical practice as well as finding other professional employment in healthcare in Canada. The “brain waste” of IMGs and an existing physician shortage in Canada, could be considered related concerns. The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of licensure processes for IMGs in Canada while examining the reasons for IMGs low success in residency matching. Alternate and suitable career options for IMGs in healthcare are discussed. Finally, the paper provides recommendations on strategies Canada and IMGs can utilize for mutual benefits.


The author is a Research Analyst with the Saskatchewan Health Authority, Research Department, Wascana Rehabilitation Center, Regina. Saskatchewan Health Authority did not have any involvement in this study.


September 15, 2020


October 14, 2020


The author acknowledges Leslie Carrothers (PhD) and Natalie Riediger (PhD) of the University of Manitoba, and Mohammed Rashidul Anwar (MBBS, MSc) of the Hospital for Sick Children, for their helpful feedback on earlier drafts of the manuscript.

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