Bringing value to healthcare through ambulatory services


Bringing value to healthcare through ambulatory services

Adam Saporta, PT, BSc, MScPT, CHE. Patient Care Manager, Amputee, Cardiac and Transplant Programs, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center, St. John’s Rehab. Past Vice President of Special Projects, Canadian Association of Ambulatory Care (CAAC).

Jatinder Bains, BSc. PT, MHSc, CHE. Vice President Clinical Programs, Victoria Hospital. Past President, Canadian Association of Ambulatory Care (CAAC). Status-Only Appointment, Rank of Lecturer, Department of Physical Therapy, University of Toronto.

Denyse Henry, RN, BHA(Hons), MHM. Director of Operations, OR and Related Services, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. CEO and Founder, Canadian Association of Ambulatory Care (CAAC). Adjunct Lecturer, Lawrence Bloomberg, Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto.

Kristina M Kokorelias, PhD. Post-doctoral Fellow, St. John’s Rehab Research Program, Sunnybrook Research Institute, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.

ABSTRACT: More integrated ambulatory care services are a strategy that may result in more efficient and higher quality outcomes to address the escalating costs of healthcare in Canada. With an estimate of over 24 million visits per year, ambulatory care has become one of the largest services for patients. It is not known how to best drive ongoing integration amongst ambulatory care services. In this paper, we discuss strategies for driving integration of ambulatory care services into our current healthcare environment. We argue that funding, providing incentives to flow patients into ambulatory care settings and developing a robust standardized interprovincial data collection and analysis process can be used to drive this integration. Research is needed to gain insight on how to improve quality of care and reduce costs through integrated ambulatory care.


DISCLOSURE: The authors have no funding conflicts of interest to disclose.

CITATION: Saporta, Adam et al (2022). Bringing value to healthcare through ambulatory services. Canadian Health Policy, MAR 2022. ISSN 2562-9492