Evidence that innovative medicines improve health and economic outcomes: focused literature review.

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The purpose of this focused literature review was to identify published evidence supporting a correlation between innovative medicines and improved health outcomes (e.g. measurable mortality and morbidity, or proxies such as healthcare utilization and costs). A systematic review of published academic studies from 1990 to April 2018 was conducted using the 15 following databases: Academic Search Complete (Ebsco), EconLit (Ebsco), Health & Medical Collection (Proquest), Health Management Database (Proquest), JSTOR, Medline Complete (Ebsco), Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection (Ebsco), Psychology Database (Proquest), Public Health Database (Proquest), Science Database (Proquest), ScienceDirect (Elsevier), Social Science Database (Proquest), SpringerLink, Web of Science, Wiley Online Library (John Wiley & Sons). A total of 68 studies were considered to have met the inclusion criteria and were relevant to be included in this review.

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