Ensuring early access to a COVID-19 vaccine in Canada.

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Brett J Skinner, PhD  

Canadian Health Policy, October 2020. ISSN 2562-9492 www.canadianhealthpolicy.com


Given the huge demand for a COVID-19 vaccine, there is a serious potential for shortages and international queuing. The World Health Organization is concerned that there will not be equitable access across developed and developing countries. This paper argues that, even developed countries risk being deprioritized in the queue for access to a new COVID-19 vaccine if they have small markets, onerous regulatory and health technology assessment processes, restrictive pricing policies and funding mechanisms, or policies that jeopardize the intellectual property rights of vaccine makers. Canada is particularly vulnerable because it represents a small percentage of the global vaccines market and its processes and policies are a potential barrier to early access to a COVID-19 vaccine.  


Founder and CEO, Canadian Health Policy Institute. Editor, Canadian Health Policy.  


August 26, 2020


October 13, 2020


This study was funded by an independent research grant from Pfizer Canada Inc.

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