Canadian Health Policy Institute (CHPI) hosts topically focused research programs, chaired by CHPI affiliated scholars. Active programs are shown below.

Access to Innovative Medicines

CHAIR: Brett Skinner, PhD

Brett Skinner is the Founder and CEO of CHPI and Editor-in-Chief of Canadian Health Policy journal based in Toronto. Dr. Skinner has a PhD from Western University, where he has lectured in the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Department of Political Science. His extensive leadership experience in policy research and advocacy includes Executive Director of Health and Economic Policy at Innovative Medicines Canada (2013-2017), and CEO (2010-2012) and Director of Health Policy (2004-2012) at Fraser Institute.      

Policy for Patients with Rare Disorders 

CHAIR: Nigel Rawson, PhD

Nigel Rawson is a pharmacoepidemiologist and pharmaceutical policy researcher based in Saskatoon. Educated in the United Kingdom, he holds an MSc in statistics and a PhD in pharmacoepidemiology. Dr. Rawson held academic research positions in the United Kingdom until the end of 1989 and subsequently held professorships at the University of Saskatchewan and Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada.

Access to Chronic Disease Interventions in Employee Health and Wellness Plans

CHAIR: Sarah Lussier Hoskyn, MA

Sarah Lussier Hoskyn is an economist and policy analyst based in Ottawa. Ms Lussier Hoskyn earned a Master’s degree in Economics at the University of Waterloo and a Bachelor degree in Economics at McGill University. She has 15 years of experience in pharmaceutical consulting and policy research, most recently as Director of Research and Senior Analyst, Regulatory Affairs and Market Access at Innovative Medicines Canada (IMC), and prior to that as Engagement Manager, Senior Price Regulation Consultant, and Health Economist Consultant at Brogan Inc. (aka. IQVIA). 

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