About CHPI

Evidence-based activist think-tank.

Launched in 2012, Canadian Health Policy Institute (CHPI) is a research and advocacy enterprise providing information and ideas for a better health system. 

Allied to patients and taxpayers.

We hold government accountable to patients and taxpayers by evaluating the quality and cost of healthcare in Canada and generating innovative practical policy options to sustain and improve it.

Promoting better policy thinking.

Facts matter. CHPI provides a reality-check. Our research fills crucial evidence gaps. CHPI balances the policy debate and fully informs government decisions.


CHPI's goal is a universal health insurance system providing the quickest access to the most effective medical care and technologies in the world at a cost that is fair, efficient and sustainable for taxpayers. We have no public or private sector policy bias for achieving this.


Research requires resources and people value independence. This is why CHPI is crowdfunded by sales of articles and subscriptions to our readers. We set articles free (or at reduced prices) if the research and publishing costs are recovered through sponsorship.


Reader preferences guide our research focus. CHPI supports ongoing analysis of the most downloaded topics.

Hub for independent researchers.

CHPI is a hub for independent researchers representing diverse perspectives and sources of expertise including: academics, actuaries, analysts, consultants, economists, epidemiologists, government, grad students, health professionals, hospitals, industry, journalists, lawyers, patient groups and think-tanks. CHPI affiliated scholars are eligible to contribute research and peer review on a fee-for-service basis. If you are interested in becoming a CHPI affiliated scholar send a resume to managing.editor@canadianhealthpolicy.com.

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