About CHP Journal

What is Canadian Health Policy?

Canadian Health Policy (CHP) is the online journal of Canadian Health Policy Institute (CHPI). CHP is a “live” journal that is updated regularly as new content is published. Previously published non-current content is archived on the website as a digital library and is organized in annual volumes by calendar year. CHP primarily publishes research from CHPI affiliated authors. We also occasionally accept article submissions from external authors.

Editorial Policy

Prior to publication, all CHP research is subject to rigorous review and critique by CHP editorial staff and CHPI research staff, as well as by external experts in health economics and health policy. CHP review is a double-blind process whenever possible, meaning that it is preferred that the author(s) not be identified to the reviewers, nor that the reviewers be identified to the author(s). CHP editorial staff manages the review process as neutral referees. Once research is released into the public domain, the ultimate regulator of research quality is the research community, which through intellectual debate, scholarly scrutiny, critical examination and replication can assess and confirm the accuracy and reliability of the scientific knowledge that informs health policy in Canada.