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About CHPI

Who is CHPI?

We are an activist think-tank. Our mission is to provide information and ideas for a better health system. 

What do we do?

We influence policy choices by informing policy discussions. We conduct, publish and communicate evidence-based research on health system performance and health policy issues that are important to Canadians. We advocate for innovative policy options to sustain and improve Canada's universal healthcare system. 

Our research objectives are to:

  • Measure the performance of the healthcare system on key indicators of quality, availability and cost.
  • Document the outcomes associated with specific health policies.
  • Test the scientific validity and limitations of research that informs key health policy decisions.
  • Identify better policy options for effectively and efficiently achieving public goals for healthcare.
  • Generally educate Canadians about health economics and health policy issues.

How is CHPI funded?

Research requires resources. Readers value independence. This is why we crowdfund our work by sales of articles, subscriptions and webinars to readers of our online journal Canadian Health Policy. Occasionally we publish some articles for free. Open-access publications are made possible by transparent sponsorship from eligible public sector, non-profit sector and private sector sources.

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