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  • Spending on Patented Drugs in Canada 1990 to 2013

    How much do we spend on patented drugs? You'll be surprised how affordable pharma innovation is.

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  • Medical devices and healthcare costs in Canada and 66 other countries, 2008 to 2013

    Does Canada spend too much or too little on medical devices? New study compares 67 countries.

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  • Do faster drug approvals increase safety risks? Evidence from Canada and Europe 2003-2012

    Do faster drug approvals increase safety risks? Read More »

  • How good is your drug insurance? Comparing Access to New Drugs in Canada’s Federal and Provincial Public Drug Plans

    Who has the best/worst publicly funded drug plan in Canada?

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  • Canada’s lagging healthcare productivity: Lost efficiencies and missed economic opportunities.

    The solution to the sustainability challenge in healthcare is productivity gains – not rationing access to medical goods and services. Read More »

  • Private health insurance costs in Canada

    Testing the insurance industry’s claims about the sustainability of drug plans. Read More »

  • Private versus public drug coverage in Canada

    Experience shows competition and choice are better than government-run Pharmacare. Read More »

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  • Pharma Funding for Patient Advocacy: Unethical or a Necessity?

    CHP - February 6, 2015. Dr. Nigel Rawson, Ph.D....

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  • Labour productivity is key to healthcare sustainability - not rationing.

    CHP - January 22, 2015. Shahzia teja, M.A....

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  • Cost is a phony excuse for rationing access to new medicines

    CHP - January 17, 2015. Kimberley Tran, M.A....

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  • Private health insurance costs in Canada, Chart 1

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  • Private health insurance costs in Canada, Chart 2

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  • Comparing coverage for new drugs in private versus public drug plans in Canada 2004 to 2012

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  • FINANCIAL POST - CHPI's Shahzia Teja - letter to editor

    Labour productivity in health Re: Innovation — not more dollars — the cure fo... Read More »

  • TORONTO SUN - The Sun's Christina Blizzard cites CHPI research on the cost of new drugs

    Drug approval process leaves patients in the lurch Toronto Sun BY CHRISTINA BLIZZARD, QM... Read More »

  • NEWS RELEASE - New drugs only 6.5% of total health spending yet governments say cost is too much

    TORONTO, CANADA – Public drug plans across Canada are rationing access to new drugs ... Read More »

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