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  • How good is your drug insurance? Comparing Access to New Drugs in Canada’s Federal and Provincial Public Drug Plans

    Who has the best/worst publicly funded drug plan in Canada?

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  • Canada’s lagging healthcare productivity: Lost efficiencies and missed economic opportunities.

    The solution to the sustainability challenge in healthcare is productivity gains – not rationing access to medical goods and services. Read More »

  • Private health insurance costs in Canada

    Testing the insurance industry’s claims about the sustainability of drug plans. Read More »

  • Private versus public drug coverage in Canada

    Experience shows competition and choice are better than government-run Pharmacare. Read More »

  • Challenging drug safety alarmism with facts

    The facts do not support alarmist claims about the drug safety evaluation and surveillance system in Canada. Read More »

  • Facts about the cost of patented drugs in Canada

    The cost of patented drugs is often cited to justify the regulation of pharmaceutical markets and to restrict public and private insurance coverage of new medicines. What are the facts about the cost of patented drugs in Canada? Read More »

  • Adverse drug reactions in Canada: facts v. urban myths

    Alarmist claims about fatal drug reactions: are they supported by the facts? Read More »

  • Comparing access to new medicines by therapeutic class in public and private sector plans in Canada.

    How good is your drug insurance coverage for the medicines that are most important to you? Read More »

  • Medical devices and healthcare costs in Canada and 65 other countries 2006-2011

    What is the impact of medical device spending on total healthcare costs in Canada? How does Canada compare to other countries? Read More »

  • Does the increase in safety warnings from regulators actually mean that more dangerous drugs are being approved?

    No link between faster drug approvals, regulatory safety warnings and drug withdrawals in Canada and the USA. Read More »

  • How good is your drug insurance?

    How good is your drug insurance coverage? It depends on where you live and whether you are publicly or privately insured... Read More »

  • Potential costs from therapeutic substitution of proton pump inhibitor (PPI) drugs in Quebec

    Lessons for Quebec from BC's experience with therapeutic substitution for PPI drugs? Read More »

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  • Medicine and Healthcare in Canada: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

    Policy magazine - May/June issue 2014...

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  • Why the cost of new medicines is sustainable and insurable for private drug plans in Canada

    Financial Post - April 8, 2014...

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  • Economically, providing access to new medicines saves more than it costs

    Troy Media - March 7, 2014...

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  • Private health insurance costs in Canada, Chart 1

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  • Private health insurance costs in Canada, Chart 2

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  • Comparing coverage for new drugs in private versus public drug plans in Canada 2004 to 2012

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  • GLOBAL NEWS - Video report cites CHPI study ranking public drug plans from best to worst

    Alberta lags behind in access to new drugs By Slav Kornik and Heather Yourex   Globa... Read More »

  • NEWS RELEASE - Study ranks Canada’s public drug plans from best to worst on access to new drugs

    TORONTO, CANADA – New research published by the Canadian Health Policy Institute (CH... Read More »

  • NEWS RELEASE - Solution to healthcare sustainability is productivity NOT rationing.

    TORONTO, CANADA – A research paper published by the Canadian Health Policy Institute... Read More »

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